It is the policy of JP Gravel Construction Inc. to perform work in the safest possible manner consistent with the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects.

It is our belief that every employee in the construction industry is entitled to work in a safe and healthy construction environment. Every reasonable precaution is taken to provide such an environment. Prevention requires the involvement of all personnel. Employees must participate by adhering to the established standards and regulations and by applying safe work practices. Our goal is to eliminate or minimize the hazards that cause accidents and injuries. Any accident in our company is viewed as a serious matter and is thoroughly investigated.

These goals can only be achieved if all employees take their responsibilities seriously. Together we make a safe workplace.

JPG Safety Program Reflects some of the following key points:

  • Has a Certified Safety Representative who monitors and ensures project safety compliance
  • Considers safety as well as production in all planning.
  • Takes every reasonable precaution to prevent personal injury.
  • Ensures that all workers are aware of actual or potential hazards that may be present in their jobs and at the workplace.
  • Provides and maintains a safe, healthy work environment.
  • Ensures that all accidents or incidents occurring in the workplace are thoroughly investigated and that remedial steps are taken to prevent a recurrence.
  • Ensures compliance with W.H.M.I.S. regulations and that Material Safety Data Sheets and corresponding labels are provided for all hazardous materials delivered to the workplace.
  • Have a completed registration form available (includes Company details, WSIB and MCCR information)
  • Projects’ have a Safety Program Board.

JPG has a competent Supervisor in charge of the entire site who will:

  • Provide notice to the Ministry of Labour and keep a copy of the Act and regulations available
  • Establish a safety committee where there are more than 20 workers
  • Establish written emergency procedures and post them where all workers can see them.
  • Makes arrangements for fire protection and ensures that workers who may be required to use them are fully trained.
  • Make arrangements for the provision of toilet and clean up facilities before work begins.
  • Assist and co-operate with Health & Safety Representatives as well as with members of Joint Health and Safety Committees.
  • Safety violations are dealt with in accordance to the governing Safety Policy and result in warnings and disciplinary action.